We strongly advise conference registrants to purchase one of the meal plans or tickets for box lunches, reception and barbecue.

If you choose a meal plan, there is no need to make any other food selections. The meal plans include the Presidential reception and the barbecue.

A limited selection of food may be purchased for cash at campus eateries on Thursday and Friday. There are a number of chain restaurants within walking distance of the campus but most area restaurants are at least a 5 to 10 minute drive from campus.

Meal Options:

Ten (10) Meal Plan – Beginning with lunch on Thursday 6/1 through lunch on Sunday 6/4 (this includes four lunches, three breakfasts, one dinner (6/1), reception/light dinner (6/2) and barbecue (6/3) — ($140.00)
Eight (8) Meal Plan – Beginning with breakfast on Friday 6/2 through lunch on Sunday 6/4 (this includes three lunches, three breakfasts, reception/light dinner (6/2) and barbecue (6/3) — ($110.00)
Six (6) Meal Plan – Begins with lunch on Friday 6/2 through breakfast on Sunday 6/4 (this includes two lunches, two breakfasts, reception/light dinner (6/2) and barbecue (6/3) — ($90.00)
Thursday Box Lunch – ($10.00)
Friday Box Lunch – ($10.00)
Saturday Box Lunch – ($10.00)
Sunday Box Lunch – ($10.00)
Reception/Light Dinner – 6/2 (included in meal plans) – ($15.00)
Barbecue – 6/3 (included in meal plans)- ($25.00)

Register here for Meals at the Conference.  This page will take you to the registration page where you can re-enter your registration to add a meal plan.  To re-enter your registration, click on “Register” under “Meeting Information.”

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